Outlining business process management issues

Why the advanced companies pay the increasing attention to business processes? Everything is very simple. How we work depends on processes. Almost all our daily actions, work-related also are, in fact, business processes. In other words, business performance directly depends on the business processes applied in the company. And in order to adjust those one needs to get over with business process management https://www.bpmonline.com/l/bpm/definition/business-process-management.

Today it is already insufficiently simple to be able to make excellent products. Goods quality, sales prices, shares or a set of discounts is at the identical level between main competitors in a certain market niche for a long time. The quality of personnel, by the way, too is approximately identical. There is a question at the expense of what to overtake competitors or to hold the positions? At the expense of what to attract new clients and not to lose available?


To the forefront, there are such criteria as cost and time. At least important criterion is a feasibility. Important not only to understand “as?”, but also “what for?” we perform these or those actions. The last two questions, in general, determine an labor productivity, influence final product cost and, as a result, create financial results of the company.

To show how we work, to ask the question why we act the way we do, to see more effective solutions of objectives – in the organization’s display models of business processes. The key purpose – to see new opportunities for itself, divisions, the companies.

Why is it necessary to display models? Besides, everything is very simple – a picture worths a thousand words. Activities become more evident, it is easier to measure it (on time, cost, quality, results), it is simpler to analyze and optimize it. To measure activities, resorting only to KPI, managerial accounting or budgeting is insufficient. It is very important to learn to expect and enhance actions which directly create resulting effects of the company but not to collect and analyze already come true facts in the form of certain indicators.