The Tao of Badass PDF – The Best Dating Guide in the Market

The Tao of Badass PDF is one of the best selling products targeting dating and relationship issues. This eBook provides exclusive techniques and guidance for men to attract women they like or find attractive. This program has been designed by Joshua Pellicer, who’s a renowned relationship and dating expert. gives access to various interactive tips, advice, and techniques to attract the desired women, and even get laid.

An Overview of Tao Of Badass PDF

The Tao of Badass teaches you how to face a woman confidently and gently. It gives you effective tips on how to communicate in the most appropriate manner. The main highlight of this ebook is that it explores some facts about women that you may not have known before. These tips will help you understand the psychology of women.

Flipping through the pages of the book, you’ll notice that each chapter is designed in a way to teach you something new and unusual. The Tao of Badass consists of 10 chapters, with each one talking about various aspects of dating and women.

This ebook will definitely transform you into a confident and better person. It promises to help you explore and develop new characteristics in your personality. This is an effective and powerful ebook for all men looking forward to get laid with beautiful and attractive women. This ebook also helps you overcome many different kinds of dating and relationship problems.

What Does The Book Contain?

This book is considered to be a dating bible. It can help you attain desirable dates with some subtle, yet effective modifications in your personality. It will help you become a confident, smart and charming individual. The techniques provided in the book are completely based on real life experiences and thus, they are practical for everyone to comprehend. The ebook includes well researched and conceptualized content on various topics such as:

  • Significance of making eye contact when communicating
  • Identifying and repeating sentences that attract women without sounding cheesy
  • Understanding a woman’s body language
  • Tips to gain confidence and combat fears for approaching women
  • Useful ways to approach women and talk confidently
  • Tips to get noticed in the crowd
  • Series of topics to keep your girl engaged
  • Tips to get the first kiss, and get laid

Why are People Buying the Tao Of Badass PDF?

The ebook is engaging, interactive and interesting to read. Readers do not feel bored or out of sync while reading through the pages of the book. Even the most challenging and complex situations are explained in a simple and engaging manner, with real examples.

It is an honest and straightforward dating guide. It certainly help the readers explore their own flaws and correct them to regain the attention of the people. It also helps readers understand the different sides of their personality, and work on them to achieve better results.

The price of the book is quite reasonable and worth every penny spent on it. You won’t regret investing in this book. The Tao Of Badass is a highly recommend ebook for people who’re looking to find solutions to their dating troubles. So far, the system has been tried and tested by millions of people worldwide, and has showed tremendous success.

How to choose best spinning reel

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert fisherman, it is easy to be overwhelmed with all the different reel options on the market. When looking for a spinning reel, it can be difficult to break down all the brands and decide what reel to go with If you are considering purchasing a spinning reel, below we will go over what features to keep an eye out for, and what will help you ultimately purchase the right reel for your fishing needs.

What Features To Look For

There are several features to look for when purchasing a spinning reel. The presence of these features will signify a high quality option, and the absence will identify more budget options. Carefully consider these features when shopping for your next spinning reel.

Body Construction

The materials that are used to build the reel body are an important indicator of the quality of the reel. Most spinning reels now-a-days are either aluminum or graphite. Aluminum is more durable than graphite, but graphite is much lighter. Graphite reel bodies usually accompany higher-end reels because of the weight issue. Lighter reels will cause less wrist fatigue. But if you are fishing in situations where a durable reel is more important than the weight of the reel, aluminum bodied reels are what you should be looking for, and you will be pleased to see they are much more affordable.

Number Of Ball Bearings

Ball bearings give your reel a smooth action and provide a smooth operating drag system. Typically, the more ball bearings, the better (but also the more you will be spending). Look at a few of the options in your price range, and settle on the option with the most ball bearings if at all possible.

Extra Features

Other features on your best spinning reel could add to the cost and quality. Front-drag systems are more robust and dependable than rear drag systems. Brass internals are more robust and durable than other internals, especially in salt water fishing situations, but come with higher price tags. Keep these things in mind when choosing your reel.


One of the most important considerations when shopping for the best spinning reel on the market is your budget. How much money can you spend? This will limit the features talked about above. Obviously you want to maximize the number of features for the cost. This is where you are going to have to do some comparative shopping. Compare prices, features, and options. It might also help to demo a few options.


How to Hire an SEO Expert – Making Your Website Sizzle

Chances are, you have a great website. You hired someone to create an amazing website, you have great visual appeal, but your traffic conversion is extremely low. Your website is not doing is job, which is to create revenue and help to build your business. If this is the case, then what you need is an SE0 expert. There are tens of thousands of people who claim to be SE0 experts, but with your business at stake, you need to know how to hire an SE0 expert that has the capability of turning your website conversions around. Here are the top 10 things you should look for when you are looking for an expert to optimize your website.

Experience The years of experience that an SE0 expert has is an important piece of information. Just like a website owner, someone who is new at SE0 will approach every website the same. They will try to fix obvious issues that keep search engines from indexing the website. However, the basic approach will have a very limited effect on the traffic that you bring in The approach to every website is different and having years of experience with SE0 will allow someone to know exactly what is holding your website back.

3 Levels of SE0 Your SE0 expert should understand all 3 levels of website SEO. These levels are

  • Technical Level – The structure of the website can cause search engines to miss part of your website. The way your content is stacked into the site can have a serious effect on what search engines can access. Your SE0 consultant should be able to understand and fully explain to your developers the technical limitations of search engines and how they are impacting your website.
  • Visible Page Optimization – This is also called on-page optimization. Visible elements on your page, such as HTML tags can increase the amount of targeted traffic that comes to your website. HTML tags should be carefully researched and include keywords and long-tail keywords.
  • Link Building and other Off-page Optimization – Off-page optimization can be extremely extremely powerful. There are a lot of different aspects that go into off-page link building and your SE0 consultant should be familiar with all of them.

Happy Clients There are thousands of blogs that can teach you basic SE0 techniques. One of the things that you must look for in an SE0 expert is a proven track record and happy clients that can testify to the improvement of their revenue. Ask for at least 3 references that are dependable. Check with each reference and evaluate the value of their website. This can be done easily with free evaluation tools online.

The key to great SE0 is experience, versatility and dependability. Your SE0 expert should have all three of these traits, as well as the three main qualities listed above.


How to choose the best web design company

In this world where technology has surpassed everything and without an online presence there cannot be any success for a company; there lies one question lingering in every owner’s/manager’s mind – “How to choose the best web design company?” Well, there has to be a few strict steps that one has to adhere to if he/she wants a quality online presence, an online presence that would woo every eyeball and appeal to the masses. Here are a few things that have to be kept in mind while going to a web design company. Your companies’ goals, objectives and mode of operation.

Now, firstly you would want to have an online presence that adheres to the companies’ objectives and goals and boosts your method of operation. If your company has just been founded (i.e., it is a startup) then you would need to have online branding at first. What is branding? Let’s say it is getting a positive image to the potential customers’ brains and making them believe that your company is up to the mark to satisfy their needs.

If your company focuses on e-commerce trading then you would need a strong back-end and a stable architecture for your website. If your website is unstable, not user-friendly, not pleasing to the eye, then customers would hesitate before placing an order. Before approaching a company to set up your online presence you would firstly need to know about their strengths and weaknesses. Know if the specialize in design, or the specialize in architecture or both. Be realistic and be straight to the point to what you want Now don’t be unrealistic and wish that you want to be on the first page of Google.

That is very unrealistic and that is something that you have to build it up for yourself or hire a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert. Be crisp and clear about your demands. If yours is a startup focus on personal branding first. Communicate to the web design company and tell them what you want. Ask them if they can deliver that or not, and ask them to be very honest about that You wouldn’t want your website crashing every now and then because of some feature you wanted to add to the website. Know your budget coming to the most important part of hiring – the cost you want to incur.

You have to know what percentage of the capital you want to invest on your online presence. Now do not settle for too less, because your website will be an asset to your company, i.e., it will bring long term benefits to it, adding to its profits. If you settle for less and get a substandard product it will be a liability to the company, marring the goodwill of the company and deterring users from your website. Settle for value-for-money. Fix a realistic budget, don’t go over that Ask your provider (web designing company) if they can give the features you have jotted down for the money you are offering and if they will be up to the mark.

Do not settle for anything less than complete honesty and do not be unrealistic from your side, and ask them to lower the price down a big notch, because web designing is a tedious task and it requires a lot of skill and time, and you will be paying for these efforts. See their products you would want to see their previous works and experiences and also the reviews they got from other companies. Judge for yourself. Know what you want by looking at them. Do not take any negative review not seriously, always remember that the website will be an asset to your company and will help it in the long run. Additional features, and hidden costs Sometimes the company would want to pitch in a few good features,appealing to the eye as a token of gratitude. Do ask them if they will have any hidden charges or extra costs. Sometimes they may charge for any extra thing like setting up the website. Ask them to give you the whole quotation with all costs and not charge you later. Be firm and honest about your budget, do not be fooled by stupid features and do not shell out more money if you are paying a fortune already.

Concluding all the points, you need to be honest, firm and frank about your wants for your online presence. Do keep an eye on your budget, their products and reviews of their products. A good website will add to the goodwill of your company and help it earn profits in the long run. Look for talent and experience. Experience without talent is useless and vice versa.